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Namespace: storage


Type Definitions


Name Type Description
timeRemaining Number

Seconds until the end of the exam (Numbas.Exam#timeRemaining)

duration Number

Length of the exam, in seconds (Numbas.Exam#settings)

questionSubsets Array.<Array.<Number>>

The sets of questions in each question group (Numbas.Exam#question_groups)

start Date

The time the exam was started (Numbas.Exam#start)

score Number

The student's current score (Numbas.exam#score)

currentQuestion Number

The index of the current question (Numbas.Exam#currentQuestionNumber)



Name Type Description
answer String

student's answer to the part, as encoded for saving

answered Boolean

has the student answered this part? (Numbas.parts.Part#answered)

stepsShown Boolean

have the steps been shown? (Numbas.parts.Part#stepsShown)

stepsOpen Boolean

are the steps currently visible? (Numbas.parts.Part#stepsOpen)

gaps Array.<Numbas.storage.part_suspend_data>

data for gaps, if this is a gapfill part

steps Array.<Numbas.storage.part_suspend_data>

data for steps, if this part has steps

studentAnswer String

student's answer, for Numbas.parts.JMEPart, Numbas.parts.NumberEntryPart or Numbas.parts.PatternMatchPart parts

shuffleChoices Array.<Number>

order of choices, if this is a Numbas.parts.MultipleResponsePart

shuffleAnswers Array.<Number>

order of answers, if this is a Numbas.parts.MultipleResponsePart

ticks Array.<Array.<Number>>

student's choices, for Numbas.parts.MultipleResponsePart parts



Name Type Description
name String

The name of the question (Numbas.Question#name)

score Number

The student's score for this question (Numbas.Question#score)

visited Boolean

Has the student visited this question yet? (Numbas.Question#visited)

answered Boolean

Has the student answered this question? (Numbas.Question#answered)

adviceDisplayed Boolean

Has the advice been displayed? (Numbas.Question#adviceDisplayed)

revealed Boolean

Have the correct answers been revealed? (Numbas.Question#revealed)

variables Object.<JME>

A dictionary of the values of the question variables. (Numbas.Question#scope)